Holiday Schedule

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As we approach the end of the year we have a few schedule changes to let you know about. First up, Thanksgiving! We will be closed Thursday AND FRIDAY for the holiday. We hope you all enjoy your time celebrating, relaxing and doing what you'd like with people you love. We will be well-rested and back in action for the weekend and encourage you all to support our wonderful, locally owned businesses this holiday season!

Marking Tools

By Sarah


I like to have an array of marking tools floating around my sewing space. When choosing a marking apparatus all you need to do it ask yourself two questions: Will the color of the tool show up on my fabric? And. Will the tool be too harsh or too fine on my fabric? Its pretty simple. First, you want the color of the utensil to be contrasting against the fabric so you can see the marking clearly. Second, the tip or edge of the tool must glide with ease onto your fabric so it will make a nice prominent mark. For instance, fabrics that are at all textured require more marking power than what a skinny pencil or fine tip marker could. Tailor's chalk is good for this as well as for making long and or quick strokes. I recommend testing some different options before finding the one that feels just right. Be careful not to iron over any markings unless you do not care if the markings remain after washing. Most marking tools state that they are water soluble but it is always a good idea to test marks on a swatch to see if they wash out. The three types of marking tool pictured below are my personal favorites to use. I use the pencils on most clothing that I make. The fine tipped disappearing ink pen for making small markings on finer fabric and the tailor's chalk for when I make curtains or pillows or bags. If you have any questions, pop in the store and ask us staff people, we are always happy to help.  


Back to Eden's new Cafe

By Sarah


For those of you who don't know, Back to Eden started out as a sweet little vegan and gluten-free bakery that is now know as Back to Eden Dessert Bar and offers beautiful cupcakes, all sorts of amazing sweet pastries as well as interesting flavors of soft serve ice-cream. And well, they have expanded into a full-on restaurant right next door. I went there recently for my favorite first meal of the day. The atmosphere was clean and comforting and the food was scrumptious and satisfying.  I had the tofu scrambler with fried potatoes and scratch ketchup accompanied by a fluffy biscuit with house-made jam.


It would appear by the photos that I snuck in early even before the staff but as I got my food the line was almost to the door. I was early is all, because you know what they say; the early bird gets the vegan, gluten-free biscuit! Good tunes and a chill vibe is what I love in a breakfast spot and that is what I got. They also serve lunch and diner and they do pizza! With local beer and cider, wine and cocktails, this place has got it all. Both the dessert bar and cafe are open from 8am to 10pm daily and are a literal hop, skip and jump away from us. Give them a try next time your in the neighborhood, if you haven't already.