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Happy Thanksgiving!

by Gina

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not because I’m particularly fond of eating turkey, but because the name and therefore the meaning of it to me. It is somewhat easy to go through the day and forget to be grateful for all around me and I find it so valuable to remind myself of how grateful I need to be every single day. One of the things I’m grateful for on a very regular basis is our customers.

I did not have much experience in retail before opening the store and didn’t know really what to expect when it came to customers. But, I do really think we have the best customers possible. Thank you all for making our jobs that much more delightful. I have had some of the best conversations with some of you, shared both joys and tough news and some truly unbelievable stories as well. Now that I’m in the 10th year of the business, I have a treasure trove of stories and experiences and I love sharing these with my family and friends when I get all braggy about the store’s customers. So, thank you! Thanks for making it a joy to keep this little place going. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy some relaxation and time with loved ones.

We will be taking a couple of days off too. We’ll be closed Thursday and Friday, and back in action for our pattern sale and Supportland double merits on Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Gift Ideas - Ornaments

by Cameron

In my house, and I’m sure in many of yours, ornaments become repositories of family history. Each one holding a distinct memory - the clay bell bought on a trip to New Mexico or the Sugar Plum Fairy who sacrificed a leg to the great cat attack of ‘08. This is just one of the reasons it’s so satisfying to give handmade ornaments - you become part of your friend’s and family’s holiday stories.

The other, less romatic reasons that I enjoy making ornaments? They’re speedy little makes and they finally give me a way to use the felt that I’ve been admiring for weeks and weeks. We have three different types of felt: a wool/rayon blend on the bolt, 12”x18” sheets of wool/rayon blend, and dreamy 100% wool felt. (Just the wool/rayon on the bolt and a small selection of the wool felt is pictured below.) In between the three types, we carry a huge, beautiful array of colors. Organizing and restocking the felt is one of my favorite tasks - so many colors! So many possibilities!

I tend to like funky ornaments that you could keep up all year round. I’ve been eyeing Grainline Studio’s free narwahl pattern since she released it a couple of years ago. She’s since come out with an owl pattern, too.

I used two sheets of wool/rayon blend felt in shades of grey and black embroidery thread for the eyes.  I took some liberties with my narwhal’s colors and omitted the sequins simply because I didn’t have any on hand. Even though I printed the pattern page slightly smaller than I should have, it was still a quick, satisfying make and a charming ornament. I’m planning some more colorful narwahls in wool felt next!

For people that prefer more seasonally appropriate ornaments, we have you covered! We have several books with some great ideas for ornaments and other holiday decorations.

Countdown Calendars has patterns for advent calendars that span the year in addition to their Christmas-themed offerings. My favorite is the “Sophisticated Christmas” below. It would be a great way to use up those small scraps you love too much to throw away. 


 Stitched Whimsy, by Heidi Boyd, has lots of great ideas for seasonal, as well as less seasonal, ornaments. I especially like the gnome and matroshka doll toys.


Scandinavian Stiches, by Kajsa Wikman, features sweet embroidery and toy patterns with a Nordic flair - perfect for the winter season!

Handmade Home, by Amanda Blake Soule, has lots of great ideas for repurposing materials to make useful and decorative items for the home. I think her fiber garland would be beautiful on a tree or displayed bunting style in a room.

 We have a few more ideas on the blog.

Heart-felt Holidays, by Amy

Solstice Ornaments, by April

Gingerbread Ornaments

We’d love to hear about your holiday crafting plans. Come by the store, drop us a note, or leave a comment telling us what festive projects you’re working on!



embroidery for the holidays

by Hannah

I embroidered the yoke of my husband’s shirt a few years ago around Thanksgiving and we’ve called this his Thanksgiving shirt ever since. It all started because he had a tiny stain and loved the shirt so I invested 10 hours to be sure he could keep this one in his closet. 


Embroidery doesn’t have to be this complicated though. It can be as simple as a few pretty stitches on felt for an ornament. Adrianna made up adorable embroidery kits as stocking stuffers or small gifts, complete with classic gold stork scissors and embroidery needles. 

And I chose a few holiday patterns for some inspiration and eye candy for you. 

We’re getting some lovely things in for the holidays so come in for some gift inspiration! See you soon at the shop!