Just In Online Edition: Ready for Winter!

We've got some fabulous new beauties up on the online store for your pleasure! First off, a gorgeous wool/rayon blend that offers a lovely drape, perfect drape for a cozy winter dress, blouse or scarf. Shop for it here.

woolrayon stars.jpg

This luscious winter white wool is a lovely addition to our wool selection this year! As well as a cheery red twill weave wool.

winter white wool.jpg
wool twill maroon.jpg

And for those of you wintering in a warmer climate, how about this tropical rayon print, or retro-wildlife print on light-weight cotton?!

rayon jungle.jpg
whacky print.jpg

Or one of these two sweet cotton eyelets? The white floral has the most delicate little cut-outs.

cotton eyelet mustard.jpg
white floral eyelet 2.jpg

Loving this contemporary, digital black and white floral!

black white digital floral.jpg

See something in our blog posts or on Instagram you'd like to see in our online store--let us know! We'll see about getting it up there and getting it to you. Happy sewing!