Beach Blanket + Otterwax

A fun and easy summer project to sew up just in time for going outside is this simple beach blanket coated with Otter Wax. For an easy clean up, and a durable life, this canvas blanket will be your outdoor companion.

You will want to use a canvas or other heavy weight fabric to pair with the Otter Wax. For a more in depth tutorial on how to use Otter Wax check my blog post from last fall. We always have Otter Wax stocked in the shop and you can also buy it on our Online Store!

I used an upholstery weight fabric for the top (wood grain print) and our staple Water Repellent Army Duck Canvas in grey for the backing. Although it isn’t the prettiest finish, for simplicity -and the fact I made this blanket just a couple hours before hitting the road for the 4th of July- I serged the pieces together all around.

Then did a running stich in a few places to “quilt” the top and back together.

Otter-Waxed the back…

And done. To speed up the curing of the Otter Wax (if you last minute decide to make one of these like I did) you can use a hair dryer. Eventually I will coat the top of the blanket as well for extra protection/easy clean up.

Happy Summer Sewing!


Sarah Moon

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