Weekend Project: Servicing, Before and After

My Poor Brow Beaten Janome


This is perhaps the easiest Weekend Project I will ever suggest: drop your machine off at MD (or your local shop) to have to it serviced and take your scissors in for sharpening. This time of year is the best time for maintenance as we head into a major cool down, aka: crafting season, but while many of us our still knee deep in back-to-school/food preserving/purging our spaces for the season change.

But I know what you're thinking-- do you really need sewing machine maintenance? I am a cross-that-bridge-when-we-get-there sort of girl when it comes to most preventive care: Doctors, Car noises, Eyebrow shaping... you get the idea. This extends to my dear sewing machine, and WITHOUT FAIL, the bridge I have to cross generally shows up the night before a major deadline or in the middle of some pre-gift giving making bonanza. Machine manufacturers often recomend a once a year machine cleaning and adjustment, and I know many of us go much, much longer without one. And my scissors! My poor cutting implements have seen much better days.

So, I gave myself an early Christmas gift, and brought it in my machine, my gingher sheers and my pinking sheers to get them checked out.

The Before:

My Janome was getting very, very squeaky. It jogged a little every four stitches, and the bobbin tension had been getting increasingly wiggly/loose (not for lack of fiddling, I assure you). In addition, it was getting louder and louder. I could ignore most of these things, if it were not from the uneven top stitching that was starting to show up more frequently. I changed needles but the stitches stayed the same.

I took it in to have a Clean, Oil and Adjust down at Modern Domestic. I figured that Tony could tell if anything more serious was going on, or if it just needed a good maintenance. Happily,  the latter was true!

The After:

New Stitches

I returned home a week later with a cleaned up machine. The jogging is much, much better and my stitches are noticeably more even on both sides of the seam. IT IS SO QUIET. My husband came up the stairs and poked his head around the door to see what I was sewing on-- since I sew in our room (sometimes after he's gone to sleep) not having a machine knocking and shaking and sounding like a locomotive is a very good development.

40 years old?

My scissors are back to near perfect cutting, which is saying something, as my pinking sheers were my grandmas and may or may not have been used to try to strip wire recently. Sorry, Tony.

I realize that these may sound like minor improvements, but when you've come to rely on your machine, knowing that it has been taken care of and that the stitches are going to look that much better going forward, is really invaluable. Give yourself a treat and give Modern Domestic a call to schedule a Clean, Oil and Adjust with Tony or Michelle. And since you won't be doing a whole lot of sewing-- bring your scissors and pinking sheers in! Then come on down to Bolt and start making your autumnal to-sew list. There is plenty of fodder to get you dreaming.

Now I just have to find the number for my dentist.