Blockwallah Stamps

By Sarah


Have you ever thought about block printing on fabric? Check out these cool wood block stamps that are hand carved in India from Indian rosewood by company Blockwallah. We've been carrying these various sized stamps for about a year now and we are so glad. They make us dream of making cocktail napkins with a single stamp in one corner or table runners with imprints all over, there are so many options of what one could do with these. Print on baby onesies or pillowcase cuffs, tote bags or curtains! I could go on and on. Don't forget to pick up some Jaqucard fabric specific paints when printing on fabric. If using on paper, acrylic paint will do and would make for some awesome wrapping paper or handmade thank you cards. Again, the possibilities are endless, not to mention, kiddos would probably have a ball with these. We just got a new shipment, so we have a lot of different options for your choosing. See ya soon!


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Anniversary Sale right around the corner!


I recently was telling a friend how much I enjoyed having the opportunity to write a love letter of sorts to our customers to mark our 10th anniversary and how I wish I could write one every year and feel confident that it would be heard as genuine. I wish that because I really do think about how grateful I am just about every single day for all of you and the support you continue to show the store. It has been such a lovely 12 years of color, knowledge-sharing, experimentation, support, joy, heartache, wonder, laughs, tears and hard work. I remember hearing other owners’ experiences after owning a store for years and them always saying, it’s the customers we will miss the most when we retire, sell, move on, what have you. I can say wholeheartedly I get that. I continue to be incredibly honored and humbled that you choose to make us your regular stop, your special spot you show off to your visiting family, your first stop when you get into town, or a spot you pop into every so often when you need needle and thread.
Thank you.

To celebrate making it to 12, we'll be slashin' prices! October 20th - 26th, all fabric will be 10-50% off, previously marked down items will be an additional 10% off, and all other items will be 20% off. So come on by and see all the goodies we have for you and start mentally preparing for some great savings and winter sewing!