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If you subscribe to our newsletter, you already know that our annual spring sale starts tomorrow, Friday, April 14! It runs through Thursday, April 20. Everything (everything!) in the store is marked down. All fabric will be between 10-50% off; notions, patterns, trims, and everything else will be 15% off. And, if you spend over $200, we'll gift you a Bolt tote bag (while supplies last) that gets you 5% off all regularly priced goods whenever you bring it in with you.

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If you're in town, we'd love to see you!

Here are a few more of the latest arrivals that will be included (!!!) in the sale.

Pattern Review: Camillia Top by Tina Givens

I've been wooed by Tina's style for years now and am finally getting around to making one of her patterns. I love the lines of her pieces, the angles, the patches, the uses of different fabrics, the linen drape-iness, the casual, yet elegant way she has. I've been particularly excited about the Camillia top, with it's funky hemline and sweet little patch placements, and somewhat more structured shape up top.

One of the aspects of her style that I've admired is the raw edged, unfinished look. However, I found it to be a real mental challenge for me to not finish things up while I was sewing. So, a bit of warning to any of you who like to finish off seams and edges properly, this pattern will not ask you to do any of that. If you want to finish things off more completely, you'll need to factor that in before cutting out all of your pieces. While the garment is simple enough to construct, I would not recommend this to a beginner as the instruction is fairly minimal.

I chose a classic navy Swiss dot for this top. I like the classic nature of this fabric, and the light weight is just what this design calls for, as it will hang and flow nicely. I chose a bright and lively Anna Maria Horner print for the small accent pieces on the front placket, the pockets and the back neck. I love the pop of color this provides.

As you can see in the above image, I did a simple zig zag stitch rather than hemming the bottom. I did not want to completely remove my pockets (that would have involved opening up the side seams), and did not want to do a rolled hem over the bulkiness of the pockets. I'm fine with this, but the next time I make this pattern I know to place my pockets up higher. I also made the little triangle accent piece quite a bit larger than the pattern called for, so I could see more of it. I cut larger accent pieces for the cuffs as well. Next time around, I think I will do the cuffs as a more traditional cuff with a button closure, finished, etc.

Back of the neck detail. The pattern calls for a pleat to be here, under the patch, but it made the top too narrow for me.

Back of the neck detail. The pattern calls for a pleat to be here, under the patch, but it made the top too narrow for me.

All in all, I'm excited to tackle this pattern again with a few modifications. I appreciate the challenge it gave me in just accepting the casual, artsy, raw edge style. In terms of basic garment longevity, I think some more finishing would certainly be helpful and I will do so on the next one!

If you'd like to make a Camilia top like Gina's we have some ideal fabrics in the online store: this subtle Nani Iro double gauze would be beautiful, and you can't go wrong with linen! How about this classic linen chambray?

Local Favorites: Just Bob

By Sarah 

What a cozy and inviting place to be, this eatery named, Just Bob. I wished I had been able to stay all day, maybe get some reading done, watch passersby, dream of clothes I want to make, all while sipping velvety lattes and nibbling on baked goodies from their impressive selection of such. If I were retired, this would be my spot! Also, their logo includes that legendary horned beast we are all so fond of. By the way, we just received a psychedelic unicorn print by Alexander Henry at the shop for all you mystical creature lovers!   

My body requires tasty fuel for my first and favorite meal of the day. I treated myself to a latte and debated between a Gabriel's bagel (they offer three brands of bagels including gluten free) and the green eggs and ham which is scrambled eggs mixed with pesto, smoked ham, and swiss cheese. The kid in me went for the Dr. Seuss themed breakfast and it was delicious! Everything on the menu sounds good and if you ever need a quick nutritious protein boost before a big fabric shop, Just Bob. sells hard boiled eggs. Technically, they are steamed eggs, but hey. Did you know that unicorns love steamed eggs! They offer fruit smoothies as well which unicorns also dig. 

You can kind of see the tops of some of the baked goodies's heads poking up along the bottom of the above picture, boy were they tempting! Various breads, cookies and muffins span the entire length of the shelf! So very tempting, just like our extensive shelf of fat quarters. To the right you can see they offer cocktails and have a good range of beer styles to choose from. They have options for vegans, kids, kids who are vegan, literally there is something for everyone! 

This is the art wall where each month a different local artists work is on display for customers to enjoy and/or purchase. And Just Bob. allows the artists to keep 100% of sales which is super awesome of them!

Each sitting area has it's own unique ambiance. Cushy couches and coffee tables hang out in low, warm light, tables and chairs chill near the bright front windows, the corner window looking out onto 24th and Alberta, prime position for a little people watching, only one lattes worth though, anything after that is a little creepy. The atmosphere is an eclectic mix of cute little succulents in Just Bob. mugs, vintage landscape art and really chill music. Also, they accommodatingly offer a children's play area for energetic kiddos!

Musicians perform on a penny coated stage most Sunday mornings from 10am-12pm. You can have your brunch with a side of live music if you want! 

I was there early so there wasn't much action on the street for the sake of people watching. I calmly enjoyed my breakfast, letting my auditory senses entertain me with ethereal and feminine vocals that flowed through the speakers and muffled conversations of fellow patrons.

A sophisticated version of green eggs and ham. 

A sophisticated version of green eggs and ham. 

Bagels and Kombucha, these are a few of my favorite things.

Bagels and Kombucha, these are a few of my favorite things.

Give Just Bob. a try next time you are in the neighborhood and give yourself some time to just relax and enjoy the lovely atmosphere they have created. Just Bob. is located only two blocks west of and on the opposite side of the street of Bolt Fabric Boutique. Thanks for reading.