Gina - Owner, Bolt Fabric Boutique

Gina was inspired to open Bolt Fabric Boutique in 2005 on the heels of Portlanders’ curiosity about the fresh, contemporary fabrics she used in her handmade duvet cover business. She envisioned a creative space where sewists, quilters and crafters would feel welcomed, comfortable and inspired amidst a carefully-curated assortment of fabrics, notions, patterns and supplies—the result is Bolt Fabric Boutique

A lifelong sewist and a former social worker, Gina loves using her expertise to help customers problem-solve and figure out how to transform their creative visions into a reality, regardless of their sewing experience. While Gina’s favorite fabrics are the rich, bold colors of Kaffe Fasset’s prints and the classic versatility of shot cottons, she also enjoys exploring the shop with her customers, discovering their unique tastes and styles expressed within the shelves of Bolt.  

When she’s not busy with Bolt, Gina loves exploring the surrounding neighborhood, where she also lives. She also enjoys discovering Portland’s local, independent garden centers, food markets and bookstores.


Adrianna is not only new to Bolt, but to the Portland community. A Wisconsin native, Adrianna came to Portland after a stint in San Francisco where she studied menswear design (where she also dabbled in knitwear and womenswear design—she loves it all). A lifelong sewist as well as an avid knitter, she loves spreading her love of all things handmade and sharing her expertise with Bolt’s customers—especially folks new to the craft. When it comes to her own projects, Adrianna’s preferences lean toward natural fibers, and she has a long-time love affair with denim and also enjoys incorporating special florals and plaids into her sewing.

When she’s not working at Bolt, stitching behind her sewing machine, or clinking her knitting needles together, Adrianna loves exploring the new-to-her corners of our city, and particularly loves the eclectic vibe of Portland’s east-side neighborhoods.


Prior to moving to Portland in 2008, Hannah spent most of her life in Pittsburgh and North Carolina, and began sewing at age 12, when she decided to teach herself to sew. Clean, Scandinavian-inspired design and fabrics featuring tiny floral prints and stripes speak to Hannah’s aesthetic sensibilities. That shows in her sewing projects, in which she explores the many possibilities of combining simple, natural fibers with distinctive stitching. When Bolt customers ask Hannah—who has a sculpture background—for help, she embraces the opportunity to help break down complicated projects into manageable parts and find the materials that speak to them and make their sewing shine with individuality.

On her days off, you can find Hannah exploring Forest Park, grabbing a coffee at Bolt neighbor Barista or enjoying some zesty Thai food at her favorite local restaurant, NoPo’s Thai Ginger. She blogs about these adventures and more on her business website, doe handcrafted.



Cameron photo cropped.jpg

Working at Bolt is a dream come true for our newest team member, and former professional ballerina, Cameron. When she started making plans to return to Portland after a stint in Chicago, she thought, “If I could choose anywhere to work in Portland, it would be Bolt,” since it was her favorite place to shop when she lived here. Fortuitously, the stars aligned and Bolt had an opening!

Cameron is a relatively new sewist, having become serious about the craft in the last few years, though her seamstress aunt taught her to sew when she was a kid. She takes the “always learning” approach to everything she tries, and loves imparting the joy of discovering a new challenge to everyone who comes through Bolt’s doors. Cameron also enjoys helping select bright, creative fabric combinations she never considered, since her textile loves skew to timeless linens and flannels—she loves seeing fabrics come to life in someone else’s vision.

In her time away from Bolt, you’ll find Cameron behind her sewing machine, knitting, exploring the the beauty of Oregon’s outdoors or toiling away on her graduate school homework.

Jenna brings a love of all things fiber arts to the Bolt team, as she’s also a knitter in addition to being a sewist with a passion for delicate voiles, drapey rayons and cotton lawns. She learn to sew on her mother’s knee at the age of four, and carried on the family tradition of receiving a sewing machine for her 21st birthday! Since she’s also an educator, Jenna relishes talking to customers who are new to sewing and helping them get down to the root of what they want to create and the best way to make their vision come to life. She’s also a master of the “franken-pattern,” and loves talking alterations with customers who want to make their projects truly their own. 

When she’s not in front of her sewing machine, Jenna spends her free time running, walking and hiking around Portland and its local natural areas and enjoys taking advantage of the city’s wonderful arts and culture attractions.

Sarah joined Bolt after a career working in fabric stores on the east coast—starting when she was just a teenager! A mostly self-taught sewist, she’s watched the world of fabric and sewing evolve and has really done it all. She brings this know-how to her work at Bolt, where she loves helping customers pick out coordinates and explore the fabrics and patterns that excite them and help them stretch their skills. She believes there’s no right or wrong when it comes to creativity and encourages sewists to not overthink things and just enjoy the process of making. For her own projects, she adores sewing bags in natural fibers and working with sturdy denims and cotton duck.  

When she’s not working at Bolt, Sarah—who’s new to Portland—loves exploring her new city on foot and sampling local craft beer.


Employees Emeritus



A librarian by training and professional archivist for over 10 years, Amy found that working at Bolt fed her creative side. Her interests embrace nearly any medium imaginable—anything from knitting to papercraft to watercolor painting. Amy brought that willingness to embrace any project to the shop, where she loved encouraging customers who wish to experiment with fabric in new ways. A self-taught sewist, Amy believes that sewing and creating should be an empowering experience, and hopes that the customers she helped left feeling the same.

A resident of northeast Portland, Amy enjoys many of our local community’s favorite spots, and has a special affection for the Knittin’ Kitten, Cosmic Monkey Comics and Collage, one of Bolt’s Alberta Street neighbors.


Heather is a longtime customer with a passion for fabric and design. She learned to sew handmade garments as a child in Utah, but rediscovered her love of stitching as an adult after she had her own children. With degrees in both graphic design and fine art, Heather is drawn to many styles of fabric, but Liberty of London, contemporary Japanese prints and knits and other apparel fabrics are her favorites—but she really loves it all. In that vein, she also enjoys experimenting with different types of sewing (and also calls herself an “aspiring quilter”), but she has a soft spot for sewing for her children. Heather loves to talk fabric and relished the opportunity to help customers pick out the materials for their projects.

An avid knitter as well, Heather loves exploring Portland’s eclectic local yarn shops for the perfect yarn for her next project, fishing through the shelves of Powell’s for her next read or grabbing a meal with her family at Fire on the Mountain or La Buca. Along with her posts on Bolt Neighborhood, you can keep up with Heather’s crafting on her personal blog, Well-Crafted.


Like many life-long sewists, April learned to sew as a child using a Hello Kitty sewing machine. She brought an eclectic background to the Bolt team, having majored in German and Sculpture/Welding in college. She created many of the shop’s displays and handbag samples. April has a knack for combining fabrics and colors.  She loved helping customers select fabrics for that unique and distinctive look.

April is always on the lookout for Portland’s best burrito. In her free time she’s likely to be sewing, practicing her saxophone, throwing knives or designing jewelry.



Nadia joined the Bolt team after being a customer since the fifth grade, when she first developed a love of all things fabric and sewing. Nadia takes a “can’t stop, won’t stop” approach to creating with fabric and thread, and loves tackling ambitious dressmaking projects, including recently sewing a quinceañera dress! Nadia has a passion for quality, elegant materials, such as silks, that just have to be made into gorgeous classic garments. 

Nadia grew up in Portland and is always looking for a new, undiscovered spot in the city. Her current favorites include Movie Madness where she aways finds sewing inspiration, Marino Adriatic Cafe and—of course—beloved Portland institution Powell’s Books.