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Entries in Getting Started (16)

Pair Up! Colette's new Clover


When I heard Colette was releasing a pants pattern, I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to see what her design brain had thought up. I love its' understated simplicity; the go-to pant that you can wear with almost anything and make in any color. For Summer, turn them in shorts. For Winter, lengthen a smidge for boot-wearing. I'm excited to make my own pair (soon!) So I thought for this Pair Up!, I'd highlight our options here at Bolt in an attempt to narrow down and choose what my first (and I emphasize FIRST) my pair will be.

Colette's Clover pants

Sarai recommends the fiber content have a bit of stretch, between 1-3% lycra. I couldn't agree more. Because of their fit, that bit of give is going to make them more comfortable to wear and have the ability to retain their original shape more without stretching out. One could easily and successfully make this with a fabric with no lycra cotton. Still be sure, though, to choose one that has a bit of heft to it--nothing too lightweight. There is a raspberry cotton with no lycra here that I'd seriously like to use. Maybe an experiment for my second pair?

Denim is always a good choice and yes, we do have a bolt with stretch. One of my top contenders.

Stretch Denim

As we move into Fall, corduroy is a classic option. We have several colors but one, this grey, has stretch. What a great Fall color option!

Stretch Corduroy

Black is the new black. And this black is sueded. And stretch! This would make an absolute stunner of a pant. My humble photo does not do it justice; you've got to see and touch it to get the full effect. 

Sueded Stretch Cotton

And last but not least, we have a selection of mid-weight apparel cotton. Some have a lycra content and some don't so be sure to check the bolt or ask one of us Bolt ladies. The earlier-stated raspberry cotton falls into the no-stretch category but here are some that are stretch. I'm especially tempted by the turquoise. Then I think, "Can I pull this off?" I'm certain some of you can!

Stretch Cottons

(I tried to get the most accurate color representation in the photo. The top bolt is definitely more navy than purple and the bottom is an olive khaki that would be a great basic.)


Goodies from the Remnant Bin


When I walked in the store the other day, something caught my eye in the remnant bins. You know...the ones right in front full of little twill-wrapped squares of fabric goodness? That are 15-20% off?

Remnant Bins

Yep, those. I kept pulling out some amazing treasures.

This grey linen is so soft; with the extra width, there's plenty here for a skirt. And I just loved Denyse Schmidt's voiles for Greenfield Hill. Wouldn't Colette Pattern's new blouse, Jasmine, be lovely in it?!

Remnant Bin-Linen & Denyse Schmidt

I bought some of Jay McCarroll's Habitat already and continue to be enamored with this pixelated print. There's almost 2 yards here!

Remnant Bin-Jay McCarroll

Or this home dec weight mod fruit Alexander Henry?

Remnant Bin-Alexander Henry

Hey--another Denyse Schmidt voile. I love the Art Deco inspired design. 

Remnant Bin-Denyse Schmidt

And a Anna Maria Horner voile from her line, Innocent Crush. 

Remnant Bin-Anna Maria Horner

And more--bamboo blend knit, usable bits of interfacing, shot cottons, & wools! You should see for yourself. I couldn't resist; these came home with me.

Meredith's Remnant Bin Treasures

This floral Joel Dewberry is gone now, but there are still several prints from that collection here and they are gorgeous! And although black was not one of my Fall Palette Challenge colors, it does look great with everything (rationalizing). This J Crew Black Cotton Seersucker will be a great pencil skirt! I'm thinking Naughty Secretary Skirt from the book, Sew Everything Workshop. I was so inspired, I went ahead and picked up the printed bias and invisible zipper necessary to get right to work on it.

Humble beginnings of a pencil skirt

And don't forget about Sewing for Boys! The author, Shelly Figueroa of Patterns by Figgy's, will be doing a free book signing at Modern Domestic as a part of the Friday Night Sew-cial tonight at 6:00pm. And check back here tomorrow for our stop on her blog tour with a review and book giveaway!

Fall Palette Challenge & Fall Sorbetto


I'm a little late getting started (I wasn't sure if I could find time) but I've decided to jump head first into Colette Pattern's Fall Palette Challenge. You can read a little bit more about it here but to summarize, one is tasked to pick a color palette of approximately 5-6 colors and stitch up some wardrobe goodness. I participated in her previous Spring Palette Challenge and found her philosophy entirely true. I consider my closet--what I've got a lot of, what I have little or nothing of, what I personally like to wear, what colors I wear alot of--and plan what items I'd like to bring in. It encourages you to be thoughtful about your selection and responsible for one's consumption of disposable fashion. I'm on a mission to make my entire wardrobe...I'm not there yet. But I'm working on it! 

I thought I'd share my Fall Palette quest with you, Bolt readers, and you would keep me in line and moving forward. I'm feeling ambitious yet realistic. Well, maybe just crazy.

Fall Palette Challenge

--Colette's new patterns, Peony (a boatneck dress, loving!)

--and Clover (cigarette pants!) These should be available any day now.

--Sorbetto (Colette's free pattern) with the addition of cap sleeves

--A pencil skirt from Sew Everything Workshop (or a color-blocked gathered full skirt...I can't decide)

--Knit set consisting of a shrug, scarf, and leg warmers (all of which I'll be showing you how to do!)

--Maybe a Fall version of Colette's Crepe wrap dress. In denim!


First up, my Fall Sorbetto. I printed this oh-so-helpful free sleeve download specifically drafted for this top. Thank you, Mena and Claire! She does state there is no size mentioned so I assumed I would need to alter it a little bit. I used your standard slash & spread flat pattern technique so I could maintain the integrity of the original shape at the underarm. I cut at the shoulder seam notch since I could see there was more to the back than the front. Don't forget there is seam allowance at the shoulder seams of the original tank, so you won't need to add it as much. Be sure to measure the sleeve opening to make sure you add in (or remove) the proper number of inches. I cut a sz. 14 in the Sorbetto and added in 2 1/8" to my sleeve.

slash and spread, flat pattern alteration

I chose this purple and blue crosshatch print in a cotton/silk blend that I've had my eye on hanging out in the silk bin. I'm a sucker for a good crosshatch and I thought the blend would be good for our gentle transistion into fall. It'll be great with a cardigan in November but still lightweight enough to wear through September. Now that I have an excuse and project, the bolt gets to make a trip to the cutting counter.

silk and other fine fabrics at Bolt

Even though I was adding sleeves, the yardage was wider than I've used before and April and I thought I could get my sleeves and binding out of 1 1/2 yds. We were right! I did want to maximize yardage for that very reason and you can see here how I folded it to do so.

laying out the Sorbetto

Then a little stitch here, serge there, bias tape maker here, hem there and voila. I feel like I'm off to a good start!

Fall Sorbetto

If you're interested in doing the Fall Palette Challenge with me, you're welcome to join in the fun on the forum Sarai set up for just such things. Choose as many or as little garments as you'd like!