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Entries in canvas (2)

Just in: where do I start?!

by Gina

It may be quicker to let you know what isn’t new right now!  Not really, but we do have so many new things.  It’s a bit crazy.  Let’s get started, shall we?

We’ll start off with the non-fabric newbies.  A fresh box of ribbons!  Including some designed by Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner.  Lovely, lovely.

The latest, and very cute, patterns from Sew Liberated. 

Our new outdoor fabric selection.  We’re pretty excited to offer this!

New canvas and medium weight cottons from Premier Prints.

Gorgeous light weight cotton and cotton/silk.  So soft and elegant.

More and more knits!  The middle one has hot pink flocked stars…oh yeah.

Cotton, linen, hemp blend and more cotton.

Spring House from Moda.

Cameras and raffle tickets in 2wenty Thr3e also from Moda. 

Whew, there you have it.  A glimpse of just some of the new goodies that await you. A huge thank you to Hannah and Heather for help with the pictures.

And, don’t forget there’s just a few more days to our March Madness promotion!

Stitching Green: Use your old thread. 

—by Hannah

My brother always teases me for saving a 1/4 teaspoon of mustard in the mustard jar. I’m not a pack rat, I simply like to find creative ways to use everything.

While most old thread is aesthtically pleasing and sometimes a sentimental inheritance, it is not good to sew with. It breaks easily and disintegrates quickly. I’ve decided to use it to make my own fabric. Make sure you use good, new thread in your bobbin. As you can see, all I’ve done is sewn back and forth with a range of blues and turned my blank canvas into silk stitched fabric.

I decided to turn it into a zipper pouch (using new thread to construct it)! Be creative and use what you have!