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Entries in By Amy (8)

getting cozy

-by Amy    When the weather is cold and rainy here, I long to snuggle up with a good book and wait for spring. Recently I was given a Kindle e-book reader as a gift, and I wasn’t sure if I would like the technological intrusion on my “cozy time.” I tend to be pretty casual with my analog books, tossing them into my bag and taking them everywhere with me, a holdover from childhood when I couldn’t be separated from whatever I happened to be reading. This little felt cozy protects my new device from bumps and scratches, and puts a little warmth back into my reading experience.

A little measuring,

…a little sewing,

 …a little cutting.

        I love working with our wool/rayon blend felt. It’s great for quick crafts and gifts. The colors are so rich, and it is remarkably durable. I made the green iPad cozy about two years ago, and it is only now starting to wear at the corners. For the Kindle cozy I used two layers of felt, and I expect it will be nearly indestructable. What else can I wrap up in felt?

The Origami Wrap

by Amy, photos by Hannah and Heather

Mornings and evenings have been noticably cooler recently, and I have been needing the right layer to wear over my summer wardrobe of Sorbetto tops, so I pulled this wrinkled pink thing out of my closet a few weeks ago, and I haven’t been without it since. I made it several years ago from Martha McQuade’s elegant design at Melissa Frantz’s instigation. A few minutes of folding, a few short seams (I stitched mine by hand), and you’re good. Really good.

Okay, I should have taken a minute to make it look nicer for you, but trust me: it gathers gracefully at the neck, and has interest from the back without being fussy. As a transition piece, I find it indespensible.

I knew I would need to make another to refresh my memory of the pattern, so I made this version out of a super soft hemp blend sweatshirt fleece.

We have so many lovely knits right now that I feel sure we can find just the right one to keep you cozy through fall.  A nautical stripe for your last of summer beach trip, perhaps? Bonus: two and a quarter yards makes two wraps, so you can gift the second one!

My Two-Hour Tunic

by Amy

I often tell customers that, given the price of individual patterns these days, if there are at least two patterns in a sewing book they feel they would like to make, it is worth buying the book. I wanted to show you one more pattern out of Tanya Whelan’s book Sew What You Love to bring home this point. I picked another pattern for knit fabric which can literally be banged out in a few hours. One pattern piece, four seams, and some hemming…you gotta love it.

I have to say that as I was sewing this one up I wasn’t sure if I would like the style on me. It’s been a few decades since I rocked the dolman sleeves, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The torso is rather long on my short body, but scrunches up casually on my hips in a way that I like. I might try a little elastic thread “ruching” next time to emphasize this effect. 

If you were considering this book after seeing the Go-To Dress, I would definitely encourage you to try on the tunic sample next time you’re in the shop. It’s another basic piece that I’ll be making over and over again.