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Entries in Apparel Sewing (82)

Weekend Project: Knit scarf




I had a bit of knit leftover from my legwarmers, so I decided to whip up one of those long-chunky-mobius-wrap-a-million-times scarves. The finished ring is approx 12" wide and 100" around. I pieced two 12" pieces that were cut from the scrap, and simply serged them together. I didn't ACTUALLY make it mobius since it wouldn't affect the finished scarf but hey, that could be fun too. Remember, because of the nature of knit, the raw edges don't fray. So this really was a 10 minute project!

One loooooong scarf.

One loooooong scarf

That can be twisted once.


And even twisted again.

Three times

What's new: Wool, wonderful wool


Whats new 9.27.11 024 
Last week we started to receive a whole lot of wool.  I couldn't help but order more wool this year than we've had in the past. I love wool.  I grew up in a fairly temperate climate, with really only two seasons--foggy and not foggy, with a annual average temperature range of about 40 degrees.  While that was lovely and all, I have lived in Oregon for over 20 years and I love experiencing the changes in seasons.  I love fall and I love wool.  I've been dreaming about all the things I want to make with what we've got in the store right now.  The classic brown and cream herringbone will hopefully turn into a simple short, straight skirt.  The pencil skirt Meredith featured last week would be great with many of these beauties--the pink herringbone with green stripes is so darn cute and colorful for winter! 

Whats new 9.27.11 030 
Our wool selection is quite varied right now.  We have a number of pieces that are a fine weight, with a beautiful drape, including the subtle grey/brown plaids on the fair right above and the far left in the top picture.  These would make such fine Negronis.  I'm thinking the navy tweed second from the left, for the Rooibos dress, also a Colette design.  It's a lighter weight, but will certainly keep me cozy warm in the winter.  So many ideas, now I still need to figure out how to squeeze a few more hours into a day, right?

We have a few great wools in the sale bin too, so be sure to check those out too!  And these just arrived yesterday morning....

Whats new 9.27.11 031 

Pair Up! Colette's new Clover


When I heard Colette was releasing a pants pattern, I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to see what her design brain had thought up. I love its' understated simplicity; the go-to pant that you can wear with almost anything and make in any color. For Summer, turn them in shorts. For Winter, lengthen a smidge for boot-wearing. I'm excited to make my own pair (soon!) So I thought for this Pair Up!, I'd highlight our options here at Bolt in an attempt to narrow down and choose what my first (and I emphasize FIRST) my pair will be.

Colette's Clover pants

Sarai recommends the fiber content have a bit of stretch, between 1-3% lycra. I couldn't agree more. Because of their fit, that bit of give is going to make them more comfortable to wear and have the ability to retain their original shape more without stretching out. One could easily and successfully make this with a fabric with no lycra cotton. Still be sure, though, to choose one that has a bit of heft to it--nothing too lightweight. There is a raspberry cotton with no lycra here that I'd seriously like to use. Maybe an experiment for my second pair?

Denim is always a good choice and yes, we do have a bolt with stretch. One of my top contenders.

Stretch Denim

As we move into Fall, corduroy is a classic option. We have several colors but one, this grey, has stretch. What a great Fall color option!

Stretch Corduroy

Black is the new black. And this black is sueded. And stretch! This would make an absolute stunner of a pant. My humble photo does not do it justice; you've got to see and touch it to get the full effect. 

Sueded Stretch Cotton

And last but not least, we have a selection of mid-weight apparel cotton. Some have a lycra content and some don't so be sure to check the bolt or ask one of us Bolt ladies. The earlier-stated raspberry cotton falls into the no-stretch category but here are some that are stretch. I'm especially tempted by the turquoise. Then I think, "Can I pull this off?" I'm certain some of you can!

Stretch Cottons

(I tried to get the most accurate color representation in the photo. The top bolt is definitely more navy than purple and the bottom is an olive khaki that would be a great basic.)


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