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Entries in Alison Glass (2)

Just in: blocky ikats, Japanese arrivals, Clover Sunshine, Bluebird Park....

by Gina, photos from Heather

 During Quilt Market in spring, April and I were walking down the aisles, overwhelmed by the various textiles surrounding us, and April saw these beauties and we stopped dead in our tracks.  I’ve been so excited for these to arrive.  They are yarn-dyed (ikats), four different color ways and are amazing.  All cotton, a hefty weight.  I have already washed up some and started on a whole cloth quilt…stay tuned for more on that.  It washed beautifully, with just a little ironing needed.

Another batch of Spring Quilt Market orders I’ve been so excited to have arrive are these Japanese imports.  The above two photos show off the heavier weight cottons.  Yep, those are puffer fish in the lower photo and hat adorned rabbit heads on a polka dot background in the top photo.  I couldn’t resist!

The top photo is of medium weight cottons, sweet animal prints, lots of bunnies. And the lower photo is of printed corduroy.  Very sweet acorns and squirrels on navy.

The colors are gorgeous and rich in “Clover Sunshine,” the latest line by Alison Glass for Andover. The fourth print in from the left is rather daydream-y with images of so many different things.

Some sweet hedgehogs, and pretty hydrangeas in “Bluebird Park” from Moda.  We have a winter/holiday theme group by Kate and Birdie Paper Co., that uses the same criss-cross back ground and similar colors.  The two groups play very nicely together.

Also in, a new selection of sashiko kits and thread.  The kits are so fun and lovely.  Get stitchin’!


Just in: Marcia Derse, Anna Maria Horner voile and Lucky Penny

by Gina

Three new pretty, pretty pieces from oh so talented Marcia Derse arrived this past week.  They go nicely with the few pieces we already had.  Her style is so unique and textural.  I appreciate their simple elegance, natural hues and graphic designs. 

Silky soft, a pleasure to work with, easy to care for, cotton voiles by Anna Maria Horner are here!  New designs from her Field Study line.  Great for some holiday dress making.  Their light weight nature tends to make them more of a warm weather staple, but coupled with a sweater or long sleeve T and leggings (that you made yourself? even better!) and you’re good to go!

I remember ordering this line, Lucky Penny by Alison Glass for Andover, back in the spring and laying out the large pieces of paper with the samples on the floor of the showroom so I could get a good look at them.  Some of the prints are so large, that was the best way to see them.  This group is so fun and gorgeous.  The large scale prints work great for stretched pieces for wall art, quiltbacks, curtains and can be quite interesting in clothing.  I love the rich, warm, jewel tones of this line.